About ShareTrack.

Spectrum Corporate Services Limited, a Zambian company, trades as ShareTrack Zambia offering Share Transfer Secretarial Services to LuSE listed companies. ShareTrack Zambia utilises a bespoke database computer program developed in 2003 and upgraded over the years to take advantage of technological and other changes in market practices and therefore makes us one of the oldest transfer agents in Zambia.

We indeed pride our self on competitive pricing and our customer base is second to none.We have over the years developed our systems and customer service by using state of the art technology and developing our customer service skills. As a result, we have developed resources to handle peak loads and increased activity. ShareTrack Zambia has developed its own software specifically designed for the needs of Zambian stock exchange and securities market, based on the experience it has gained over the years.The ShareTrack system utilises the most recent information technology and features the ability for electronic bank payment of dividends including Mobile Payment Systems.

We understand and know how important the needs of clients are, and ShareTrack Zambia will provide shareholders with all the necessary ingredients to make shareholder records accessible, proficient and accurate.ShareTrack Zambia also provide relevant advice regarding the implications of data requirements and processing of specific corporate transactions like IPO’s and other corporate actions such as rights issues, scrip issues and acquisitions & mergers.

Our Services.

Shares Depository

With our expertise and proficiency, we are a widely acclaimed Registrar and Share Transfer Agents. Learn More

Shareholder Services

With our core competency in the industry, we take care of all the documentation and other procedures Learn More

Corporate Meetings

ShareTrack Zambia manages the distribution of annual reports and Notices for Meetings (AGM, EGM, etc.) Learn More

Registrar To IPO

As Registrars to IPO, we hold the capabilities to offer matchless services to ensure complete satisfaction of our clients along with their Investors and Intermediaries. Learn More

Dividend Payments

ShareTrack undertakes the management of dividends from processing, funding, payment, reconciliations to maintenance of unclaimed dividends, this involves: Learn More

Data Management

We carefully develop and execute software, layout designing, policies, practices and procedures that help us to properly manage the full data lifecycle needs of an enterprise. Learn More